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Membership 5782 (2021-2022)
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5780 Yamim Noraim Schedule

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Message from the President of Young Israel of West Rogers Park

This last week, I was privileged to be re-elected to be President of our shul.  In that capacity, Iím taking the opportunity to summarize the state of our shul.
This year has been challenging.  Nevertheless, the shul has resumed Shabbos Shacharis services, improved its security, and solidified its finances.  We are open for business.
After Purim, with the statewide lockdown, we closed the shul along with other shuls in the community, following CRC guidance.  Once the CRC permitted indoor services with strictly enforced protocols, including universal mask-wearing and distancing, we reconfigured our seating, set up hand sanitizing and a Lucite barrier for the bima, and restarted Shabbos services.  We now have a weekly Shabbos morning minyan and, in coordination with our next-door neighbor Kollel Ateres Ami, all remaining Shabbos and weekday services as well.  We generally have room for a few additional attendees for our Shabbos services.  If you have an interest in rejoining us for any minyanim, please email Rabbi Prero at to reserve a seat.
Together with the Kollel, we applied for and received a $60,000.00 government grant to increase our security.  We replaced our windows with shock-resistant shrouded panels, installed double doors, and upgraded our locks.  With the same combination, you can enter the shul either through the front or the back of the shul.
You may have noticed that the Kollel has its window sign up, but not our shul.  That will be corrected shortly, as we are in the final phases of the design.
Our finances are the best in years.  Our space-sharing arrangement with the Kollel provides us a steady income.  We're holding our own with membership and financial contributions, and have solid reserves.
We've gone online to continue to engage with our members and the rest of the community.  Rabbi Prero's weekly online drasha averages 100-200 viewers, and Rabbi David Rosenberg's weekly online shiur has a regular following.
Young Israel WRP is open for business.  Please feel free to contact me at or Rabbi Prero at with any questions, comments or concerns.
We look forward to seeing you all in shul in the near future.  Stay healthy and safe!
-Joel David Malkin


Regular Schedule

  • We meet on Shabbat and on Sunday morning, as well as Yamim Tovim (Festivals and High Holidays).

  • Candle lighting erev Shabbat goes, for the most part, according to the times listed in the Acheinu directory.

  • Mincha/Maariv on Friday starts 10 minutes after candle lighting; during the Summer, Early Mincha is held as indicated.

  • Shacharit on Shabbat morning begins at 9:00 AM and is usually followed by Kiddush, which most weeks includes Rebbetzin Miriam's Cholent.

  • Mincha on Shabbat generally begins 30 minutes before sunset.
    Unless noted otherwise in the weekly bulletin, Mincha on Shabbat is followed by seudah shelishit.

  • Maariv on Motzaei Shabbat generally begins at 40 minutes after sunset.

  • Shacharit on Sunday morning generally begins at 8:15 AM, unless there is a Torah reading and/or Hallel (such as Rosh Hodesh), when it begins at 8:00 AM

  • The Wednesday evening Navi Shiur takes place Wednesday evenings from 8:30 to 9:30 PM at the shul. All are welcome, both men and women. The learning is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Richard Chasman.

Comments, questions, suggestions can be sent to

Join the Club!

You can join any of our Chai Clubs by signing up using the following buttons. Your regular payments will be made to the shul until you decide to stop them.

*Please note that the Chai Clubs are additional donations and do not apply towards membership dues.